Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So Where Am I...

Its been almost two years now and what a flash it was. When I left home many of you asked me to start a blog to let you know about my(our) adventures. As I'm not the best at putting words down I kept avoiding it.

So contrary to popular assumptions no I am not sitting around being home sick. I'm a working girl now so that takes up most of the time I would have used to sit around a mope. Do I miss my life as a privileged house wife that most of you knew me as? No, I'm just loving the new found independence that came with the package. Yes there are days when I would rather just stay home and do a lunchtime shopping spree but being able to to do other things besides shopping with the monthly paycheck just has its greater benefits.Don't get me wrong though I still love the smell of a freshly printed receipt.

Aadil on the other hand I believe misses home more reason being,they actually make him work for his money out here.He dreams of those days where he was home by five and on the beach at five thirty with a fishing rod in his hand.

I think the true test of being away from home really begins now. When we arrived we had so many of our friends (Nilfa,Naushaad,Nuraan,,Kamilla,Yazid,Razana,Ferzana and Uncle Yunus) around we formed our own little London family. It was like we never left home.Each one of them brought a little home to London for us and made our start here so much easier. Sadly as they return to mother land the group has trickled down to just a few and instinct tells me it will not be the same..So I guess now I can truly say I'm living abroad.

(from here on out I will fill you in on all adventures old and new)

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