Thursday, July 8, 2010

My my... how does time fly I mean to be filling you guys in but have done a lousy job so far.After reading my friends blog yesterday i was a bit inspired to keep mine going.

I the last two and a half years we've done so much I don't know where to start from exploring Europe a piece at a time to our recent trip to the good old USA.Guess I break it down into the highlights for you.

First stop Switzerland:

A few months after moving here we set of to Switzerland to visit our cousins Faizel & Tasneem. Unfortunately we chose to go on an Easter weekend and so there wasn't much we could do.If you want to see an entire country just shut down for a religious holiday this is the one there wasn't a soul on the streets.I loved it non the less as I was just about getting home sick and seeing F&T cured that instantly.


OMG if I ever come across such a conceited bunch again I will shoot myself.But alas the company we went with made this trip one of my best so far. I start of with a meet at Kings Cross Station so there were five of us(myself,Aadil,Nilfa,Ferzana,andRazana) but when we were boarded that train there were only four. Twenty mins into th
at Journey Nilfa's phone rings Its our missing member Razana panting on the other side telling us she didn't think she was gonna make the train and that we should carry on without her.Nilfa informs her that she has missed the train already by like 30 mins,no one knew what to
think. Another 20mins pass
and Razana's on the phone again they've allowed her to get onto the next train.Yippee we can all breath again. So we reachparis and try to sort out our train tickets we ask the women at the counter for five set of coupons which we were to use to travel around Paris and Five return tickets
to Euro Disney she gave us five Euro Disney tickets and just to sets of coupons when we went to ask her why she just started yelling at us in French.In the end Nilfa says to just leave her and we walk of. We were still waiting for Razana so we tried to get some help but as soon as the locals heard you speak English they shrugged you of.So I tried a new tactic I aproached the next person in Afrikaans ,now for those of you that know me you know for
a fact that I cant string a sentence together to save my life but who cares it worked the guy asked me if i spoke english thank God
becuase I really dont know what i would have done if he spoke Afrikaans.We got the help
we needed Razana was there and we were ready to explore Paris.What a beautiful city indeed but the people and their unfriendliness had me wishing we went somewhere else.

That was until we descended on the place that every child's dreams are made of :a pink castle, Tinker-bell, Mickey and Minny walking down the street and a parade where every one of those characters you could remember dreaming of are rite in front
of your eyes .Oh to be a child again. Here I stood in my childhood dream and at 27 years old I didn't feel a day out of place. If you havent figured it out as yet we were in Disney Land. The rest of the trip was awesome but this was thanks only to the company we were with.My notion of the worlds romantic city was forever crushed.

I Amsterdam

Now heres a place that I fell in love with first step out the airport. Where do I begin? At customs the people actually smile and welcome you when you sit on the trains looking like a
tourist (I had my top ten things to do in Amsterdam book in hand) the locals start to talk to you and tell you where to go and what to see.OK I will answer your question already no I didn't try the narcotics. The place was so beautiful and people so friendly why would I want to
miss all of it by being high.From its beautiful parks,to its much publicised red light district Amsterdam has a loads to offer considering that you can walk this little city flat in 45mins.What took
me the most was how the city transforms itself from day into night.Its like every evening you being transported into a secret world, by the end of my stay there Aadil had to kee
p me on a tight leash as I fell so in love with the place I threatened to turn and run because I did not want to leave just yet.

The USA needs its own page so I shall give it that much....